Jedco Inc. serves the precision metal fabrication needs of the aerospace industry. Jedco is a leading supplier of fabricated sheet metal and complex machined assemblies to the domestic and global aerospace industry.

JOB TITLE: Aircraft Welder


JOB SUMMARY: Welds metal components together with brazing and variety of arc and gas welding equipment to fabricate or repair products such as machine parts.


JOB DETAILS:  Full Time, benefited position, 2nd Shift, 3rd Shift

Essential Responsibilities:


       Maintains proper welding certifications for customer job requirements.


       Determines various locations, relationship of parts and welding requirements by interpreting blueprints and welding manual specifications supplied by management.


       May be required to lay out materials and make set-up to perform work/make repairs on defective weldments.


       Performs degreasing and other cleaning operations following Jedco's Standard Manufacturing Guidelines and procedures when called for by procedural specifications.


       Is required to inspect and assume responsibility for critical welding operations.


       Assists department leadman in deciding operations, material and equipment best suited to job operations.


       Performs other tasks, as required.


       Maintains all applicable Jedco and customer certifications, where required.


Skills and Job Specifications:

       Reads and Understands operation process sheets, tooling instructions, blueprint features and basic manufacturing principles.


       Follows all processes provided and works with supervision and engineering for improvements and modifications.


       Responsible for work performed and the inspection of such work.


       Reads and understands all required measuring and testing equipment required for the job.


       Comfortable communicating with wide range of people/personalities.


       Must be highly motivated and able to handle multiple duties at one time.


       Must be a self starter, detail oriented and very well organized.


Education and Qualifications:

       Must be able to communicate fluently in English (read, write, verbal).

       Blueprint reading and understanding of basic manufacturing procedures and GD&T are required.

       3-5 years of TIG welding is required.

       High School Diploma with general math skills is required; college degree preferred.

       Knowledge and use of M & TE.

       Must have a minimum of 3-5 years manufacturing experience (TIG welding) and weld symbology.

       Must be certifiable for customer requirements.

       Must have 2-4 years minimum experience welding sheet metal.


Physical Demand: Must be able to perform a variety of physical demands described here and are representative of those that must be met by an employee.


       Ability to lift up to 5 - 50 pounds a day.

       Bending motion 10 - 50% of daily work time.

       Squatting 0 10% of work time.

       Over Chest reaching 10% of work time.

       Repetitive motion 50 - 80% of work time.

       Single leg stance 0% of work time

       Inclined walking 5 10%

       Sitting 50 to 60%

       Lifting any weight away from body 5 25%

       Overhead lifting 5 10%

       General lifting 80%

       Standing 40 50%

       Reaching at least 20 70% of work time.

       Hip movement 50 60% of work time

       Knee movement 60 80% of work time

       Foot pedal Motion 60 90% of work time

       Running Touch 90% of work time

       Repetitive motion of wrists and hands 60 90%

       Grinding and prepping 40 50%

       General eye sight and ability to focusing and fine visual work 60%

       Fine hand eye coordination 60%


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